Taxpayer Assistance

Please note that Counselors who assist you in preparing your tax return are IRS-certified and follow all IRS, AARP and Local Scope Guidelines which determine the type of tax returns we can prepare.

You are responsible for the accuracy of all tax information you provide to our tax Counselors; our Counselors are not responsible for erroneous tax information you provide.  Please review Taxpayer Information and Responsibilities.

  • Appointments ONLY this year – Appointments made on-line or on-site during open hours.  
    • Before your In- Person appointment for tax preparation, please print and fill out the:
      • 1:  AARP Tax-Aide Client Intake/Interview Booklet (click HERE),
      • AND
      • 2:  For Library Partnership Appointments Only:  IRS Form 14446 Consent Form for Two Visit Scan Service  (click HERE
      • and bring them/scan them for your appointment. 
      • Booklets and Consent forms are also available for pick up during open site hours. 
    • In addition, bring your photo identification (taxpayer and spouse), Social Security CARDS for everyone listed on your tax return, prior year 2021 tax returns and all income tax related documents; click HERE for a suggested check list. 
    • Self-employed (Sch C) Income:  Please summarize your earnings and expenses on this Worksheet; our counselor cannot prepare your tax return without your summarized earnings and expenses.  You should keep all receipts at home in case you are audited by the IRS.
      • Note:  we cannot prepare returns if you have a business loss, expenses greater than $35,000, any employees, depreciation or a home office.
    • Retirement Distribution in 2020 due to COVID:  If you elected to spread the tax payments over three years, or redeposited any funds, bring your 2020 tax return which includes IRS Form 8915-E.
    • Itemized Deductions (Sch A):  Please complete the Itemized Deduction Worksheet.  Counselors cannot prepare your tax return without your summarized expenses. You should keep all receipts at home in case you are audited by the IRS.
    • Education Benefits:  If you or a dependent have higher education expenses, please bring the 1098-T tax document with you and complete the Education Expense Worksheet. 
    • Direct deposit of your tax refund is the fastest and securest way to receive your refund.  Please bring a check or bank card from your bank with you, if you would like your refund deposited into your savings or checking account, so that we can verify and obtain the routing and account information.
    • Joint return reminder:  Signatures of both spouses are required before your tax return can be e-filed.  Both spouses should plan to attend, review and sign their tax return.
    • COVID Guidelines for Site Visits:  All Clients and Volunteers may wear a mask and maintain social distance.  Clients should self assess health using this screening tool.
  • If you are not able to use our local service, you have more options: